A darkness does not disappear - it will be stay with you

After a long development period, we finally release the closed demo version of 087.

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Don't close your eyes and you will see

087 is a psychological horror game inspired by SCP-087-B game, but not a remake even partially. This is a completely different work - with a new story, many mechanics and addictive gameplay.

Mysterious deep...

Object 087 is a space-time anomaly that is a continuation of the basement of [DATA EXPUNGED], USA. The rooms, stairs and ventilation shaft configure a real maze. It is not known whether Object 087 has an end.

Who are we?

Conditional Team is an experienced indie team. We participated in the localization and voice acting of SCP: CB, created a modification for SCP-087-B) and now we are creating 087.

Our team

Ivan Badikov Project manager
Egor Pavlov Programmer
Mikhail Philinov Modeller
Dmitry Smagin Game-designer, level-designer
Yahor Stalnik Scriptwriter
Mikhail Ignatyev Animator

Get the demo

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